IMD Think Piece by Wang Bin, Director of the Tang West Market Museum, China

Culture is great because of its diversity.  The protection and inheritance of diversified culture is one of the most important missions of the museum.  Museums should incorporate the concept of pluralism and inclusion into their business and practice, and further enhance mutual learning and inclusion in the world through continuous innovation, exhibitions and educational activities to interpret and display the benefits of diversified culture.  During the current global pandemic, many museums around the world, although passively ‘closed’, may actively ‘open the window’, providing visitors with exhibitions and services through the internet and new media.

The Tang West Market Museum has explored more online activities, beyond our focus on the Silk Road culture exchange.  Needless to say, the ordeal and trials of the pandemic are changing people’s lifestyle and thinking.  Throughout this crisis, museum professionals need to have a deep understanding of our mission and responsibilities, and work actively to promote mutual respect and harmonious coexistence among different civilizations.