IMD Think Piece by Bummo Youn, Director, MMCA, Korea

We had to come up with new ways to meet our audience in the time of an unprecedented pandemic.  For example, we filmed an in-depth curator’s tour of our new calligraphy exhibition and widely publicised it to reach new audiences.  We have also strengthened our online presence by shaking up our website and adding various new online content such as our permanent collections, exhibition tours, lectures, symposiums and artist interviews. 

There is an opportunity in every crisis.  Our new online activities lead me to ponder new ways of enhancing accessibility for the public.  In an effort to make these activities inclusive, we started to provide online curator’s talks with sign language.  To retain their fundamental function as public spaces in a time of crisis, museums must make greater efforts to embrace diverse communities and social minorities.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea