Funding Resources

Working internationally, like any strand of museum activity, requires funding.  Financial support might come from an organisation’s core budget, an external source, or more likely a combination of the two.

Given the delicate financial climate of the sector at present, it is important to identify the motivations and expected benefits of working internationally at the start of a project or programme of work so that resources can be used effectively.  Although working internationally can generate income, only occasionally does it create a profitable and sustainable income stream, and often it requires an initial investment of time and resources.  However, it may be possible to cover the delivery costs, which in turn may reap a host of wider benefits for an organisation and pave the way for further international work and partnerships.

Many of the general principles of fundraising also apply to securing funds for working internationally, and this type of work may present a unique and attractive offer with additional benefits for potential supporters.

Working in partnership with UK or international organisations can enable cost-sharing and might open more doors to funding opportunities as financial support is sometimes only available to individuals and organisations from or working with particular countries.  It is also worth contacting international embassies and cultural organisations in the UK, and British Embassies overseas, who in addition to offering support and contacts may also consider offering financial support.

The following pages do not provide an exhaustive list of funding opportunities for working internationally but provides a starting point for exploring the range of options available.  Click on each link below for further information.

General fundraising information
Arts Council England funding
European funding
Funding for international travel
Trusts and Foundations