WIRP Workshops 2015-17

A series of one-day workshops will take place across England for regional and local museums and galleries who are embarking on international work, or interested in finding out more about it.

Focussing on a particular theme or topic, the WIRP workshops will enhance the skills, knowledge, and confidence of participants to develop international work, and provide information and advice on how to do so.

Relevant case studies will be presented alongside facilitated group work, and participants will have an opportunity to network with colleagues and speakers.

Initiating and Maintaining International Contacts – Wednesday 1 March 2017, The British Library, London

Developing Networks & Partnerships – Wednesday 5 October 2016, Horniman Museum & Gardens, London

Working in Europe – Wednesday 3 February 2016 – Museum of Liverpool

Working with India –  Monday 9 November 2015 – Imperial War Museum, London

Working with China – Wednesday 14 October 2015 – The Hospitium, York

International Touring Exhibitions & Loans – Tuesday 22 September 2015 – MShed Bristol

Quotes from WIRP Workshop 2014-15 participants:

“The workshop gave us some confidence that we needed at the time, and it was particularly useful to talk to other museums of a similar size who are working internationally.”

“Prior to the workshop, I might have thought there was only one way to tour an exhibition internationally. We’re now not going to rush into anything but will think about it, take advice, and explore options.”