Terry Simioti Nyambe Livingston Museum Zambia And Icom Executive Committee Shares Some Thoughts On Restitution And Decoloniation In Advance Of The 2020 Working Internationally Conference Leeds

Terry Simioti Nyambe (Livingston Museum, Zambia and ICOM Executive Committee) shares some thoughts on restitution and decoloniation in advance of the 2020 Working Internationally Conference, Leeds

Terry Simioti Nyambe is Assistant Curator of Ichthyology, Livingstone Museum, Zambia and an ICOM Executive Committee Member.  Thanks to funding from the British Council, we are delighted that Terry will be participating in an in-conversation session with Tonya Nelson, Chair of ICOM UK at the 2020 Working Internationally Conference at Leeds Art Gallery on 12 March 2020.

Terry and Tonya will discuss restitution and decolonisation through the lens of soft power.  Terry has shared some questions for speakers and delegates to consider in advance of the conference:

  • We live in a century where the indigenous communities and those that were colonised are now demanding their cultural heritage property back to their communities.  Should all cultural property be repatriated or returned?


  • When cultural property is returned, it revitalises the culture of the original communities as the tangible comes into contact with its intangible values to complete the story.  The value of the return of cultural property to original communities is immeasurable.  What value can soft power add to this vital process?


  • Many Museums around the world are now engaged in activities to return cultural objects that were collected during times of war or colonial era.  Would we be right if we called this decolonisation of museums?

To view the full conference programme and book discounted tickets for ICOM UK members visit https://wi2020.eventbrite.com