Techniques for supporting young people’s wellbeing during heritage projects

This article was first published by the Heritage Fund.

When the Heritage Fund launched its £10million pilot programme to make heritage relevant to young people in 2016, it had multiple aims. Most important among them: providing experiences of heritage for people aged 11–25 in a range of engaging and creative ways.

It was crucial for projects to work with young participants in ways that made them feel safe, welcomed, valued and respected. As the YMCA George Williams College’s Framework of Outcomes for Young People 3.0 says, a supportive environment will help young people gain the most – practically and emotionally – out of their experiences.

As Kick the Dust came to an end researchers from Renaisi spoke with staff from four projects – Ignite Yorkshire; Our Shared Cultural Heritage; Reimagine, Remake, Replay and Y Heritage – to explore how they worked to create these types of quality environments.