Ss Great Britain Trust Ceo Embarks On New Endeavour As Icmm President

SS Great Britain Trust CEO embarks on new endeavour as ICMM president

This article was first published by Museums + Heritage Advisor online

Matthew Tanner is set to embark on a four-year term as president of the International Congress of Maritime Museums (ICMM), following on from Steve White, president of Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, USA.  ICMM is one of 21 ICOM Affiliated Organisations.

ICMM represents around 120 member organisations, made up of institutions ranging from local nautical attractions through to national museums in every continent of the world.

“Maritime museums are in their very nature international institutions, and in these challenging times, maritime museums reach across the oceans to help foster international friendship and collaboration,” Tanner stated as his presidency was announced. “They celebrate the coming together of the world today and fostering an appreciation of our maritime past can only help with improving all our futures.”

Tanner’s predecessor, Steve White, said he was “honoured to pass the leadership responsibility for ICMM to Matthew Tanner, who has distinguished himself in the global museum community.”