Oceania Resources


Museums Australia (MA)

Museums Australia is a non-governmental and non-profit national organisation for the museum sector, committed to the conservation, continuation, and communication of Australia’s heritage.  It holds an annual national conference.


Australian Government International Exhibitions Insurance Program


Museums Aotearoa (Museums New Zealand)

Museums Aotearoa is New Zealand’s professional association for public museums and art galleries, and those who work in or with them.


Government Indemnity for Touring Exhibitions


The Link Foundation

The Link Foundation for UK-NZ Relations aims to strengthen the relationship between the UK and New Zealand by fostering educational and cultural exchange.  The Foundation’s core role is in providing vocational exchanges in both directions through individual fellowships.  Vocational fields covered by the Foundation include: the arts, climate, conservation and the environment, design and architecture, science and technology, and social legacy and policy.


Pacific Islands Society of the UK and Ireland (PISUKI)

The PISUKI promotes relationships between the peoples and countries of the Pacific Islands and the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Among the membership are VSOs, diplomats, and academics with Pacific Islands connections.