Partnership Agreement Example

In 2008, National Museums Liverpool (NML) embarked on the creation of the international touring exhibition Plantastic. The project was delivered through an international partnership involving the public and private sectors: three museums, one science centre, and an exhibition design and production company. The project was a collaborative venture and the partnership was responsible for delivering the content, design, and build of the exhibition. Each museum partner hosted the exhibition, and afterwards the partnership toured the exhibition commercially. The partners contributed to the costs of the exhibition and to ongoing transport and maintenance costs.

The partnership initially signed a letter of intent as a means of formalising the agreement between all parties, confirming what each party would commit to in terms of time and cost at that stage of the project. The letter of intent outlined the key milestones leading to the Partnership Agreement. It dealt with intellectual rights should the project not proceed. The letter of intent was produced in English and French.

The Partnership Agreement was produced in English by National Museums Liverpool in consultation with the Plantastic Partnership.

Click on the links below to download a copy of NML’s partnership agreement template:

Partnership Agreement in PDF format

Partnership Agreement in Word format