General fundraising information


Giving to Heritage

Giving to Heritage is The Heritage Alliance’s training partnership with the Institute of Fundraising for those in the heritage sector involved in fundraising.


Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

The Programme is the result of an Arts Council England commissioned grant and has been developed and led by the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Consortium. Over three years (2013-2015) the programme will deliver a collaborative series of training, traineeships, coaching, digital skills and innovative practice.


Institute of Fundraising

The Institute of Fundraising is the professional membership body for UK fundraising, whose mission is to support fundraisers through leadership, representation, standards-setting, and education.


AIM Success Guide: Successful Fundraising at Museums


AIM Focus Paper: Fundraising for Museums


Museums Association: Fundraising

Series of articles and advice on fundraising for museums.


Museum Practice: Fundraising

Series of case studies on fundraising in museums.