Funding for international travel


On the Move

On the Move is a cultural mobility information network that signposts to organisations and funding for international travel.


ICOM UK Travel Bursary Fund

The ICOM UK Travel Bursary Fund provides grants for ICOM UK members to attend ICOM triennial meetings, international committee meetings, and other conferences with a demonstrable international remit.


Camilla Boodle Fund

The Camilla Boodle Fund is administered by ICOM UK to provide grants for ICOM UK members who wish to extend their travel and/or museum visits before or after an ICOM meeting.


ICOM International Committees

Some ICOM International Committees offer travel bursaries to attend meetings.


Art Fund Jonathan Ruffer Curatorial Grants

This programme provides funding for travel and other practical costs to help curators undertake collection and exhibition research projects in the UK or abroad.


Contemporary Art Society International Links Fund

The International Links Fund is available to National Network Members to support curators to invite an international contact to make a return visit to their institution and to negotiate a collaborative public outcome.


UK – China Connections Through Culture

Connections through Culture is a long-term programme to develop exciting cultural collaborations between artists and arts organisations, supporting long-lasting relationships between China and the UK.  The programme offers support, information, advice, networking opportunities and development grants to artists and arts organisations in China and the UK.

Professional Development Grants (£2,500)

A limited number of small grants to enable artists or members of arts organisations to visit their counterparts in China or the UK for up to ten days, to develop projects, exchange skills or see others’ work. Grants are offered four times each year.

Alumni Grants (£2,500)

A limited number of small grants for previous Connections through Culture alumni to access follow-up funding to initial visits – starting in April 2016. These grants are only available to alumni who received initial grants in the last 2 years, and are designed to be strategic grants to further facilitate collaboration and partnerships. Grants are offered four times each year, in line with the Professional Development Grant rounds.