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Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on People in the US Museum Field

Conducted by AAM and Wilkening Consulting, the findings from the “Measuring the Impacts of COVID-19 on People in the Museum Field” survey fielded in the US in March 2021 are now available.

The survey findings highlight the severe and troubling impact the pandemic is having on museum people, with over 40 percent of respondents reporting that they have lost income due to the pandemic—on average, over 30 percent of their total income. The survey details the pandemic’s toll on museum people’s mental health and well-being; the disproportionate impact on students, independent consultants and contractors, people of color, and women; and the deep care, empathy, and compassion that exists among the people that make up the museum field.

Read more in our full press release.

In addition to this report, AAM has used survey responses to build a webpage collating resources requested, or cited as useful during the pandemic, by respondents including career management, connection, and self-care resources, as well as a list of employer actions respondents cited as helping them to feel safe, valued, and supported during this time.