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Last chance to respond to Consultation 3 for the ICOM Museum Definition – deadline 09:00 Monday 20 September

ICOM has announced Consultation 3 as part of the Museum Definition consultation process.

Please complete this Museum Definition Consultation 3 survey before 09:00 BST (UK time) on Monday 20 September 2021.  This survey will take approx. 15 minutes to complete after you have read the data analysis report.

The results from this survey will be collated and sent to ICOM by 30 September 2021 as the UK’s contribution to Consultation 3 of ICOM’s Museum Definition consultation process.  Consultation 3 is part of ICOM’s methodology, which is based on 4 rounds of consultation, divided into 11 steps, with a duration of 18 months.  The revised museum definition will be voted on at the ICOM general meetings in Prague in summer 2022.

Thank you in advance for contributing to the Museum Definition consultation process!

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact ICOM UK before 15 September at