Facebook Live Vidoes From 2020 Working Internationally Conference Available Online For One Month

Facebook live vidoes from 2020 Working Internationally Conference available online for one month

For those of you not able to attend the 2020 Working Internationally Conference on 12 March at Leeds Art Gallery (LAG), we will soon be sharing the presentations and any speaker notes that we can from the day.

Knowing that many delegates would not be able to attend as planned, and as LAG did not have live streaming facilities, we experimented with Facebook live to record several of the sessions.  These are obviously not professional recordings (we used a mobile phone!) but without the time and a budget to do anything more professional, we decided it was worth trying.

The Facebook live videos will be online for one month only until Thursday 16 April at https://www.facebook.com/ICOM-UK-International-Council-of-Museums-UK-104706687823391/ 

Over the next week or so, we will upload the speaker presentations and notes to the ICOM UK website https://uk.icom.museum/events/annual-conferences/2020-working-internationally-conference/

Thank you very much to all of the speakers and delegates who made it to the conference under the circumstances.  We hope the day was useful and enjoyable.  The evaluation questionnaire will be sent to all delegates this week.  Please share your ideas on what topics you would like to see at future events, event/session formats, and any other feedback we can take on board to improve future conferences and events.