Cultural Heritage National Occupational Standards Sector Consultation

Cultural Heritage National Occupational Standards – sector consultation

Calling all Cultural Heritage professionals to help us improve the Cultural Heritage National Occupational Standards

The Cultural Heritage National Occupational Standards describe best practice in Cultural Heritage and inform the development of qualifications and apprenticeships for the sector. Creative & Cultural Skills and ScreenSkills are asking for industry feedback on its update of these to make sure they continue to reflect current industry requirements and job roles.  We have consulted with professionals across the nations about the competencies, skills and knowledge that are needed to work in cultural heritage.

The draft revised standards will be available on an online consultation site until Monday 17th January 2022.  We encourage industry professionals to contribute their views on these standards. Please also forward this invite to any of your colleagues or the professionals within your networks to whom this might be of interest.

Please view the standards here.  

This can take as much or as little time as you like because it is structured so that you only need consider the sections relevant to you. Thank you in advance for your time.
Please contact  if you require any further information.