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Announcing TEO – the new global travelling exhibitions platform

New digital one-stop resource brings the travelling exhibitions world together.

26 November 2019 – Broceliande, France. The past decade has seen major growth in the travelling exhibitions industry, with a continuously developing and diversifying landscape of cultural experiences and touring practices. Within this dynamic environment, Teo, the new global platform dedicated to travelling exhibitions, has built on combined expertise in exhibitions partnerships and web development to create a new easy-to-use and interactive resource dedicated to the touring world.

Teo is designed to help bring together producers, venues, promoters and specialist providers from the travelling exhibitions community with a mission to foster the sharing of knowledge and new international collaborations on exhibitions.

The new platform fully launches today with the announcement of its founding members and international partners.

A new open and collaborative resource for the touring community

Teo is a new open platform that supports stakeholders of the travelling exhibits industry.  It is designed to help cultural venues worldwide find relevant information, curatorial projects and partners while providing exhibition producers and specialist suppliers with new visibility internationally.

Teo features a variety of resources for the touring community, including a directory of exhibitions available for hire, a community directory, a calendar and a journal sharing original touring stories, best practice insights and industry news.

Founded by Manon Delaury, a specialist in international touring exhibitions, and Fabian Niel, an experienced digital sciences engineer, the platform has been developed as a one-stop resource in close consultation with touring experts from around the world and will grow with a collaborative approach actively involving its members.

Major international productions and collaboration opportunities

Teo launches today with a large selection of international exhibitions available for hire, including major art, contemporary art, history, civilisations, science and technology, nature, and popular culture projects.

With an inclusive approach, Teo facilitates the search for new content and new partners for international venues seeking new experiences for their audiences, from museums, galleries and science centres to libraries, exhibition centres and attraction venues,” says Manon Delaury, CEO and Founder of Teo.

Designed as an interactive resource, Teo encourages new dialogue and collaborations with flexible tools such as calls that members can send out to share specific requirements for projects, equipment, solutions, staff or expertise.

Teo presents its founding members

Major international institutions have joined Teo as founding members for the launch of the new platform. Original member organisations include leading international producers as well as new stakeholders of the touring world, bringing together museums, science centres, art institutions and private companies. Many specialist providers also feature, all offering touring exhibition-specific solutions and expertise in areas ranging from display cases and logistics to consultancy, design and production.

International partnerships

Teo has formed partnerships with major international networks to foster success and best practice in travelling exhibitions.

The new organisation partners with Ecsite, the leading European network of science centres and museums dedicated to science engagement and communication. Teo will notably sponsor EXTRA, Ecsite’s marketplace for scientific touring exhibitions. Teo also partners with ICEE, the ICOM International Committee for Exhibition Exchange, a major network dedicated to the circulation and exchange of exhibitions in all disciplines.

“We are honoured to partner with these international organisations, which are both leading lights when it comes to touring, and which continuously contribute to stirring creativity and collaborations in the travelling experiences world,” says Manon Delaury. “Teo will work in dialogue with these organisations, nurturing synergies contributing to the achievement of our respective missions.”

Fact sheet

Teo founding members

  • AHHAA Science Centre – Tartu, Estonia
  • APEX Association – Grez-Doiceau, Belgium
  • Australian Museum – Sydney, Australia
  • Australian National Maritime Museum – Sydney, Australia
  • Barbican Centre – London, United Kingdom
  • Blue Tokay – Durham, United Kingdom
  • Cap Sciences – Bordeaux, France
  • Cité de l’Espace de Toulouse – Toulouse, France
  • COFO Entertainment – Passau, Germany
  • Contemporanea Progetti – Firenze, Italy
  • eu – Evergem, Belgium
  • Design Electronics – Ontario, Canada
  • ESI Fine Art – Saint-Denis, France
  • EVE Museos – Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Exhibition Site Management – London, United Kingdom
  • Expona – Bolzano, Italy
  • Fortecho – London, United Kingdom
  • Fundación Yannick y Ben Jakober, Museo Sa Bassa Blanca – Alcudia, Spain
  • Grande Exhibitions – Port Melbourne, Australia
  • Guide ID – Deventer, Netherlands
  • IJIT Export – Nairobi, Kenya
  • Imagineear – London, United Kingdom
  • Ingenium – Ottawa, Canada
  • International Touring Exhibitions – London, United Kingdom
  • KRE8 360 – Atlanta, USA
  • La Sucrière – Lyon, France
  • Landau Traveling Exhibitions – Los Angeles, USA
  • Lee Davidson – Lower Hutt, New Zealand
  • Leticia Pérez Castellanos – México, Mexico
  • lililillilil – Lyon, France
  • Logic Gate – Warszawa, Poland
  • Meyvaert – Gent, Belgium
  • Museum d’Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse – Toulouse, France
  • Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle – Paris, France
  • National Geographic – Washington, USA
  • National History Museum – London, United Kingdom
  • National Museums of Scotland – Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Nomad Exhibitions – Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • PAN Art Connections – Weston, USA
  • Philharmonie de Paris – Paris, France
  • Sandro Debono – Ghaxaq, Malta
  • Science Museum Group – London, United Kingdom
  • Science North – Sudbury, Canada
  • SEED Interactive – Atlanta, USA
  • Semmel Concerts Entertainment – Bayreuth, Germany
  • SPL Lascaux international exhibition – Périgueux, France
  • Studio TK – Berlin, Germany
  • Tempora – Brussels, Belgium
  • The National Museum of Finland – Helsinki, Finland
  • The Shipping Monster – Atlanta, USA
  • Travel Photographer Of The Year – Earl Soham, United Kingdom
  • Universcience – Paris, France
  • Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Wellcome Collection – London, United Kingdom
  • Xi’an Qujiang Museum of Fine Arts – Xi’an, China

About Teo

Teo is the new global platform for international touring exhibitions.

Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource to share, learn and connect. Teo enables an open and free exploration of travelling projects and specialist profiles available around the world and continuously shares in-depth content and industry updates with the community.

Teo is an inclusive initiative that offers museums, science centres, galleries, libraries, cultural venues and partner specialists a comprehensive entry point into the world of touring.

The platform is designed to become the one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community.




  • Host membership (free)
  • Non-profit producer membership (annual subscription)
  • For-profit producer membership (annual subscription)
  • Supplier membership (annual subscription)

Key solutions

  • Directory of exhibitions available for hire worldwide
  • Directory of community members
  • Journal featuring articles and interviews
  • Job sharing board
  • Calendar of industry events
  • Calls for projects, assets, equipment, solutions and expertise


About Ecsite

Ecsite is the European network of science centres and museums. Active in the field of science engagement, it has 320+ members including science centres, museums, research bodies, festivals, universities, planetariums, foundations and learned societies, companies offering products and services to the field and local authorities.

About ICEE

ICEE is the International Committee for Exhibitions and Exchanges of ICOM, the International Council of Museums. The Committee’s mission is to provide a global forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences related to the circulation and exchange of exhibitions in all disciplines – building bridges within the community of exhibitions and museums.

Contact Details

Manon Delaury, CEO and Founder: +33 6 777 26126,