Wi2019 Conference Keynote Speaker Lourdes Heredia Bbc World Service

WI2019 Conference: Keynote Speaker – Lourdes Heredia, BBC World Service

We are delighted to announce the first keynote speaker for the 2019 Working Internationally Conference, which has the theme of ‘working together to achieve more’.

Lourdes Heredia, Next Day Planning Editor – Languages BBC World Service 

The BBC World Service is the world’s largest network of broadcasters.  Lourdes will speak about the BBC News series Crossing Divides, which featured stories of how different individuals and communities are coming together across political, social and economic lines

In her role, Lourdes works closely with all the World Service Languages to ensure that the best journalism is widely used and available across all outlets of the BBC.  This is a planning role, to foresee what will be coming and coordinate with all editors.

Before this, Lourdes was a World Duty Editor for Languages where she commissioned and coordinated bilingual correspondents around the world, with TV, radio & online stories for global audiences in breaking news situations.  Managing multiple stories & audiences simultaneously,  it is her responsibility to check the language services reporters produce material to the highest standard, in the best possible environment, with clear objectives and following all BBC rules.



Lourdes Heredia has been working for the BBC for the last 20 years in different areas and different capacities, and in different countries.

Over the last 6 years, she was a World Duty Editor, based in London, working at the heart of the newsroom. Now Lourdes is in charge of planning for next day stories and creating prospects that will appeal to more than 40 digital editors around the world. She coordinates the bilingual correspondents on breaking news stories in order to deliver the best possible material within the resource and time constraints of a breaking news environment.

Lourdes has been involved in important and high-profile projects, like 100 Women – a series focusing on the issues and achievements of women around the world. She coordinated the first 100 Women festival outside the UK in Mexico City and was also the lead producer of 100 Women Brazil, a documentary on sexism in the country’s sports.

In 2018, Lourdes was deputy editor of Crossing Divides, a global season looking at the ways in which people connect across the fractures that divide societies. Reporting on over 40 stories across BBC News – TV, radio and digital – Crossing Divides showcased encounters between people who held opposing views in politics and religion or came from different races, classes and generations.

Before working in London, Lourdes was a correspondent for BBC Mundo. Based in Washington DC, she covered two US presidential elections, including Barack Obama’s road to the White House. Before Washington DC, she was one of the first bilingual reporters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, covering the country’s worst financial crisis in decades. Whilst covering a variety of different angles on the ongoing financial crisis, Lourdes travelled around the region and also produced stories reflecting the real-life experiences of people struggling to survive in a crashing economy.

Lourdes likes travelling and learning different languages. She left Mexico when she was 18 years old on a Japanese government scholarship and went to study at the University of Tokyo for 5 years and then moved to Spain.  So far Lourdes has lived and worked in five different countries.

Something that might surprise you about Lourdes? She was part of the national synchronized swimming team in Mexico.

The 2019 Working Internationally Conference takes place on Monday 11 March at The British Library.  ICOM UK and NMDC members get a 35% discount on tickets.  View the programme and book your tickets now at https://wiconf2019.eventbrite.com