Recent Email From Icom Re Updating Your Login Details For Icommunity

Recent email from ICOM re: updating your login details for ICOMMUNITY

A number of ICOM UK members have contacted us over the last month to check whether the recent emails sent directly from the central ICOM office in Paris were genuine.

ICOM UK can confirm that the emails sent in August are genuine.  To login to ICOMMUNITY, you will need to update your login details using the link in the email sent to members.  This process also allows you to update your contact details, International Committee Preferences, and ICOM communication preferences.

Please note that the new ICOM membership administration system in Paris is being managed directly by the ICOM.  If you have any difficulties updating your login details, please contact ICOM directly using their online contact form:

If you update your contact details on the new ICOM system, we kindly ask you to also update your details on the ICOM UK Membership Hub.  The two sites are not connected and we would like to ensure that you continue to receive important and timely communications from ICOM UK.

You can check and update your contact details on the ICOM UK Membership Hub by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Membership Hub at

2. Click on 'Profile' where you can see all details we hold on you.

3. If anything needs changing, click on 'Update' and amend all necessary details.

4. When finished on each page, click on 'Next' until the final page.

5. When all details are updated, click Submit.

Please be assured that ICOM UK is in close contact with the ICOM office in Paris to ensure that member contact details remain up to date on both of our systems.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to members during this period before 2018 Membership opens in October 2017.