WI2018 speaker profile: Nina Zdravič Polič, Head of Programmes & Communications, Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM), Slovenia

Today we introduce another of our international speakers for the 2018 Working Internationally Conference (WI2018), 7 March, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Nina Zdravič Polič, Head of Programmes and Communications at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM) in Ljubljana has been involved for over twenty years in museum work in different capacities.  At the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, she is responsible for museum public programmes, marketing and exhibitions.

Nina's presentation will outline selected approaches to, and concepts of international projects of the SEM and other museums in Slovenia that actively contribute to a greater openness of Slovenia.

She will observe how Slovenian museums are are developing and managing international relations through communication, dialogue, collaborative processes and projects, as well as diverse outreach approaches to audience and partnership development.   Her presentation will explore how modernity in today’s internet-dominated world of constant change has made Slovenian museums pursue an inclusive paradigm by raising questions about self-awareness, the awareness of others and otherness, diversity of cultural landscapes, the continuity of remembering.

To this end, the museums of Slovenia strengthen international co-operation and create possibilities for linking testimonies of the past of other cultures into meaningful narratives of the present. They are thus reaching out to the cross-border regions of Slovenia, European countries and to some countries on other continents.

At the same time, they spread Slovenia's cultural history and heritage beyond its borders by enhancing the distinct cultural heritage features in many ways, particularly through partnerships in European projects, mobility of collections, scientific work, trans-national and trans institutional networking.

Nina is the author of numerous museum exhibitions and articles on museum communications and museum’s role in society, and the co-author of a handbook Marketing Museums: Theory and Practises in Slovene Museums, and frequently lectures on the subject in Slovenia and abroad. She is an honorary member of ICOM Slovenia, (former president 2003 - 2011), member of ICOM Europe Board, the judge at the Forum of Slavic Cultures for the Živa Award for the Best Slavic Museum, President of Živa Jury, and (former vice - president of ICOM SEE 2007 – 2016, and former vice-president of ICOM MPR 2004 - 2010).

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