Science and technology museums built at 700 rural schools in China

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A total of 700 science and technology museums had been built by the end of 2018 at middle schools throughout rural China, providing better access to science and technology for three million students, Science and Technology Daily reported on 24 December.

The programme was launched in August 2012 by the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology Museums in China, aimed at arousing more interest in science and technology among teenagers living in central and western regions of China.

Compared with the city sci-tech museums, a rural one is much simpler, including only 20 exhibits, three bookcases and eight illusionary paintings. Many students were inspired to make items such as a voice-controlled luminous clock and solar-powered alarm clocks embedded in vases.

Public awareness of science and technology in urban areas dwarfed that of people in rural areas, according to a latest national survey on scientific literacy, said Qi Rang, standing vice-president of the China Association of Senior Scientists and Technologists.

In the past six years, many efforts have been made to realise greater equality of education resources, said Qi, who is also the main promoter of the charity programme.

It is hoped that there will be 1,000 such museums by 2020, said Chu Xueji, secretary-general of the foundation. Up to now, 72 per cent middle schools in western China have been equipped with sci-tech museums, including 79 in Tibet

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