Museums and Brexit

The UK’s exit from the European Union has created an element of planning uncertainty for the cultural as much as for any other sector. The potential impacts on income/funding, costs, international loans traffic, international collaborations, and on staff from EU member states working in the UK, are currently unclear.

In an attempt to assist our members with making informed choices in preparing for a post-Brexit cultural world, we are going to start posting in our newsletter information we think may be helpful in this situation. Please keep coming back, as we are going to keep adding to this information over the coming weeks and months. The information will usually be generated by third parties and ICOM UK cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy or personal views expressed under the external links we re-post here.


Brexit library

The British Council have identified the following pieces on the implications of Brexit on the education, arts, culture and science sectors. The British Council is merely making these available for stakeholders and does not support all of the views put forward by them.


Culture after Brexit

Culture after Brexit is a series of articles curated by the British Council about the future of the cultural relationship between the UK and the European Union after Britain exits the EU. The articles are the views of journalists, artists, arts professionals and policymakers who all contribute to a discussion about what Brexit means for the creative and cultural industries, and what a new post-Brexit cultural relationship could and should look like.