Guidance for visitors to the UK if there is a no deal Brexit

If the UK leaves the EU with a deal, what visitors will need to enter the UK will not change until 2021.

  • It will continue to be visa-free for EU nationals visiting the UK;
  • What they need to show at the UK border will not change, even if the UK leaves the EU without a deal (EU nationals can still use ID cards in short term, and use e-gates when travelling on passports);
  • In no deal EU nationals can still visit/work/study in the UK for up to 3 months, then apply for European temporary leave to remain for 36 months etc.


Flights from the EU to the UK

Measures put forward by the UK and the EU will ensure that flights can continue in any scenario; deal or no deal. This reaffirms the fact that passengers can book flights with confidence, as normal.  The measures will last until the end of March 2020 (or sooner if alternative arrangements are put in place in the meantime); during this time negotiations will be undertaken on permanent future air services agreements.

Flights protected in no deal Brexit scenario

Air services from the EU to the UK


UK nationals travelling to the EU

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have also published guidance for UK travellers travelling to the EU.