From the Outside In: G20 perceptions of the UK & Brexit

This article was published by the British Council.  Read the full article and download the report at: 

One year on from the referendum, and as Brexit negotiations begin, the British Council launches a major new report on how the UK is viewed around the world - and what difference the vote has made to those views. Overall, perceptions of the UK across the G20 may not have changed very much. The results highlight some serious potential risks arising from negative reactions within Europe. They also suggest possible opportunities from more positive reactions in countries beyond the Continent. Meanwhile it is striking that the most negative views of the likely impact of the referendum on the UK’s attractiveness are found amongst young people in the UK itself. The British Council’s Head of Insight, Mona Lotten, argues that to become a truly global Britain, the country needs to understand what foreign publics find attractive, and face the world with confidence.