CultureLabs Project Survey

CultureLabs is a European project funded under Horizon2020 (2018-2021). Working collaboratively across six countries, it aims to support Cultural Heritage Institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations and public administrations and other actors who wish to organise participatory projects aiming at social inclusion via interaction with cultural heritage. Migrants and refugees will be the primary focus of the project.

As a part of the project, a platform will be developed, which will be used to enable institutional stakeholders as well as community participants to document and share ideas and approaches that can facilitate social innovation in culture by increasing participation of hitherto under-represented groups. Digital technology will be used to facilitate and promote collaboration between different actors and the provided services will be designed with the targeted communities in mind. For more information about our project click here.

To do this, the project aims to gather the end-users’ views, needs, and expectations, as well as their previous experience in running outreach or participatory activities involving disadvantaged groups in cultural heritage initiatives.

To complete the survey click here.

The People’s History Museum is aiming to collect a certain number of responses. Therefore, it would be very helpful if you could reply back to after submitting your survey so they can keep track of the number of respondents.

Please see the information sheet providing further details about the project.