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Benefits include free entry to museums in 147 countries and access to travel bursaries

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ICOM UK is the fastest growing museums’ association in the UK.

It offers members free entry to museums throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and throughout the world.

In addition:

  • ICOM UK’s Working Internationally  programme is the platform for the UK’s museums to network, share and discuss the benefits and challenges of working globally.
  • Through ICOM UK, individuals have the opportunity to join up to three International Committees to further their own professional development networks.
  • Institutions joining ICOM UK receive multiple membership cards that can be used by staff working abroad as well as access to an international museum community where potential partnerships and programmes can be developed.
  • ICOM UK is a conduit for conversations and action on international issues such as material cultural heritage at risk in zones of conflict, intangible cultural heritage, professional development and ethical standards to guide practice in a changing world.