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Benefits include free entry to museums in 147 countries and access to travel bursaries

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ICOM is the world’s largest professional museum community, with over 40,000 members worldwide.

By becoming an ICOM member, you can access a range of important benefits, including:

  • The ICOM Card, giving you free access to thousands of museums and exhibitions worldwide
  • Eligibility to join up to three ICOM International Committees – subject specialist networks connecting you to the latest professional thinking.  Through the International Committees, ICOM achieves its major objectives, which are the exchange of information at an international level through established networks, the development of professional standards and the adoption of rules and recommendations.
  • Connecting you with museum professionals in other countries
  • Access to the ICOM UK Travel Bursaries Fund and the Camilla Boodle Bursary Fund
  • Demonstrating your support for the international museum community*

* A proportion of your Membership Fee goes to subsidise the cost of ICOM membership for museum professionals in developing nations.


For details on 2019 membership fees and how to join visit:


The ICOM card

As an ICOM member, you will receive an ICOM Membership Card which gives you free access to museums and exhibitions all over the world. The ICOM Card is one of the most widely-recognised membership programmes for museums in the world and is accepted at thousands of venues.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the ICOM Card will give you free access to the museum or exhibition you are planning to visit. It is always important to check with the museum beforehand to find out whether it is accepted.

If you visit museums regularly, the ICOM Card will quickly save you the cost of your membership fee!

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open to individuals who work in or with museums, who are studying for an academic course relating to museology or who are currently retired having previously worked in or with museums.

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership is open to museums in the UK and British Overseas Territories. It is a great way for your museum to invest in your staff, to benefit from international collaboration and to show your support for the wider museum sector.

In addition:

  • Institutions joining ICOM UK receive multiple membership cards that can be used by staff travelling abroad, as well as access to an international museum community where potential partnerships and programmes can be developed.
  • ICOM UK is a conduit for conversations and action on international issues such as material cultural heritage at risk in zones of conflict, intangible cultural heritage, professional development and ethical standards to guide practice in a changing world.
  • Priority booking and discounted tickets for the annual Working Internationally Conference, the only UK museums conference with a dedicated international focus.
  • Weekly ICOM UK news bringing you the latest news and opportunities for working internationally.
  • Networking opportunities with other UK museum professionals interested in working internationally.