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Highland Warriors Exhibition in Canada

Meet the Highland soldier, an almost mythical figure with many faces: fierce protector of clans, adventurous soldier of fortune, defiant rebel, national and international hero.

The Ottawa world premiere of Highland Warriors, a major new exhibition at the Canadian War Museum, explores the changing role and reputation of these iconic kilted fighters, from the broadsword-wielding medieval warrior to today’s elite modern soldier.

The exhibition features over 200 artifacts, from Scottish museums’ world-class collections and from the Canadian War Museum, including fearsome double-handed swords, dangerous dirks, lavishly decorated pistols, uniforms, bagpipes, paintings, photographs, and military awards from two World Wars.

The exhibition at the Canadian War Museum runs from 7 June 2019 until 12 January 2020.  Learn more about the exhibition at

An exhibition developed by Nomad Exhibitions in collaboration with the Canadian War Museum and Glasgow Museums.