Black Cultural Archives Responds To The Windrush Scandal

Black Cultural Archives responds to the Windrush scandal

Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, the only heritage site dedicated to the African-Caribbean British story, has responded to the Windrush scandal following publicity about the large number of people deported or threatened with deportation to the Caribbean after lifetimes in the UK.

The archive is hosting one-to-one sessions with a team of lawyers for people who are affected by the fallout. BCA’s Director Paul Reid said “the government has been forced into retreating into ‘administrative error’, a sign of defeat, but I hope we can do something more than just address the issue of citizenship. I want to see the contribution of the Windrush descendants and black people though British history taught in the curriculum, to the streets and our angry young people, but I want the links to go further, right into the boardrooms of Canary Wharf. We can take this moment to make a fundamental change, that is my hope.” He also told Museums Journal that the archive, which sits in a ‘symbiotic place…between culture and activism’ would have accepted the Windrush landing cards, destroyed by the government in 2010, into its collections.

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