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AirBnB launches 5 million Euro funding for community tourism programme

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Local culture and economy can fall behind tourism hot spots. To prevent this, AirBnB developed the Community Tourism Programme with up to 5 million Euro in funding for investments. The interest lies in projects in emerging and established markets that help drive more sustainable tourism that supports local culture and economy.

The Community Tourism Programme is available for projects across Europe that welcome tourism in new ways to strengthen communities, empower citizens, and preserve and promote local culture. Several categories have been identified:

  • Placemaking: Imagining and reinventing public spaces to build community for locals and visitors alike
  • Innovation: Reinventing the tourism and travel space by sparking entrepreneurship and strengthening local economies
  • Festivals and events: Preserving or celebrating local festivals and events while introducing them to a broader, appreciative audience

You can find more information on the programme and criteria here.

For the first round of funding, letters of interest from organisations and projects in the tourism, cultural, sustainability and community development space can be send by 4 August 2017.

This article was originally posted here