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ICOM/WIPO Cultural Mediation Service

ICOM UK welcomes the announcement of the new ICOM/WIPO Cultural Mediation Service, which can be accessed via the ICOM website.

The service is designed to help cultural institutions resolve disputes involving cultural property without recourse to expensive 3rd parties and legal advisers.  Importantly, cultural institutions can select mediators with existing expertise in disputes relating to art and cultural heritage from a WIPO-approved list.

The mediation process, which is voluntary and non-binding on all parties, is supported by considerable guidance and reference material, provided by ICOM. It can help with disputes concerning a wide range of issues such as restitution, repatriation and disputes over authenticity.

Find out more on the ICOM website at http://icom.museum/what-we-do/programmes/art-and-cultural-heritage-mediation.html