About Us

ICOM UK is the museum association dedicated to the international work of British museums


ICOM UK is made up of all the current ICOM members resident in the UK. An Executive Committee is elected every three years and is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the timely and efficient administration of ICOM UK’s affairs
  • Setting and defining strategic goals
  • Delivering the Working Internationally programme
  • Ensuring effective financial management and reporting
  • Championing the work of ICOM UK and ICOM
  • Liaison with the ICOM Secretariat

ICOM UK Executive Committee (2015-8)

Tonya Nelson – Chair (Head of UCL Museums and Collections)

Jim Broughton – Vice Chair ( Head of International Engagement at the Natural History Museum)

Duncan Dornan – Treasurer (Head of Museums and Collections at Glasgow Life)

Catherine McDermott – Secretary (Director of Curating Contemporary Design, Kingston University)

Nigel Sadler – Chair of Bursaries Committee (Independent Consultant, Sands of Time Consultancy)

Edmund Connolly – Social Media (BSO Higher Education and Cultural Engagement British Library)

Maria Ragan – Convenor Communications Working Party (Manager, Petrie Museum)

Evelyne Godfrey – Committee member (Chair Uffington Heritage Watch Ltd and Independent Materials Archaeology Conservator)

Janice Lane – Committee member (Director of Learning, Exhibitions & Digital Media, Amgueddfa Cymru/ National Museum Wales)

Fiona Macalister – Committee member (Independent Preventative Conservator and Fellow of the International Institute of Conservation)

Jilly Burns – Committee member (Head of National and International Partnerships at National Museums of Scotland)